Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Holiday Cookie Gift Ideas Part 2

When I think of winter I always think of trees glistening with fresh snow, and everything that was once dark and dreary is now sparkling in the light.  I decided to make these Christmas tree ornaments, flooded in various pastel shades and airbrushed in silver or pearl.  The results are below:

After decorating these cookies I heat-sealed them for freshness and packaged them in pie boxes with a clear window as gifts for my son's teachers and the school staff.  They were a big hit!  I particularly like the pastel shades on a light coloured cookie, thus this is a vanilla lemon sugar cookie.

Below is a chocolate sugar cookie, decorated with classic colours and dusted with a bit of gold pearl for some brightness:

You don't have to have holiday cookie cutters to make holiday-themed cookies.  Anything works, including this cupcake cutter!  Happy Baking!

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