Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Cookie Gift Ideas!

Mini Gingerbread Men 
So what do you do with dozens of mini gingerbread men....turn them into fun little gifts of course!

Mason Jar Gift Idea
Materials Needed:
  • mini cookies about 1.5" in size (gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate sugar cookies work well)
  • jars with lids and an opening large enough to comfortably fit and arrange the cookies
  • ribbon
  • cello bags large enough to hold jars
  • gift tags
It is pretty straight forward, just place jar on a slight angle and set cookies inside, decorated side facing outwards.  If you try to stand the jar up and fill, the cookies will fall and all that hard work decorating them could be for nothing.  I was able to fit 9 cookies into the small canning jar and 20 cookies into the mason jar. I placed the mason jar in a cello bag, twist tied a pre-made bow I had made and done!  These would make great teacher gifts, or something to add to a gift basket.  Good luck and have fun!

I will be back with another post for holiday cookie gift ideas, featuring snowflakes, cookie ornaments and Christmas trees.  Until then, happy baking!

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